Remodeling News

Remodel News: Phase 1 of the remodel project for Meade River School is just about complete. The exterior of the building is complete. The siding of our building is beautiful, but can be easily dented so please be careful around the school and remind your children to respect and care for our building.

We are expecting to have our Phase 2 of the MRS remodel.  We have been told that the entire interior of our school will be remodeled in one summer!  That means we will have lots of materials arriving this winter, and lots of work going on in and around the school. There is a potential for students to be injured if they play around the materials.  Please help us watch over the safety of all the children of our village.  We should have a copy of the floor plans for our remodel at the school soon!

When we get more information we will pass it on.

Art Work: Phase 2 of the remodel project will be going to bid soon. Meade River School is forming a committee to begin looking at the artwork that will decorate our building. We are currently not looking for artists but are looking at the type of art the community of Atqasuk would like to see in our beautiful school. If you are interested in joining this committee, please call the school at 633-6315 and visit with Principal Yvette Cross about participating in this phase of the remodeling of Meade River School.