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iDida Contest District Winners

  • Nipaa Ilitqusipta

    by Melanie Tikluk Length: 2:35

    Melanie Tikluk won 1st place in the 9-12 grade podcast category.  She wrote this podcast to present ideas on how the Inupiaq youth can help revitalize their language.

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  • Fighting Our Loss

    by Jonas Mackenzie Length: 2:03

    Jonas Mackenzie won 2nd place in the 9-12 grade podcast category.  This is in response to learning that many young Iñupiaq individuals are not fluent in their language.

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  • The Voice of Our Spirit

    by Charles Brower Length: 2:30

    Charles Brower won 1st place in the 6-8 grade podcast category for this piece in which he offers hope and ideas on how to revitalize the Iñupiaq culture and language.

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School Hours

  • School Opens August 15, 2018
    School begins each day at 9:00 AM
    Dismissal is at 3:30 PM

    Early Release on Wednesday is 2:30 PM
    High School early release is 2:40 PM

Night Rec Polar Bear Policy

  • PolarBear

    • Due to the increased bear activity, Harold Kaveolook School has implemented the following night rec procedures:
    • All students must either have a ride to and from nigh rec or be escorted by an adult to ensure their safety.
    • Contact numbers for the individuals providing the rides or walking with students need to be given to the school in case we need to contact them.
    • Students without completed permission slips will not be allowed to attend night rec until the proper arrangements have been made.
    • Students who show up to night rec without a completed permission slip will be driven home by the police officer until a permission slip has been turned in.
    • Permission slips have been sent home with each student.  Additional permission slips are available at the school or with Roberta at night rec.

Weekly Newsletters

  • May 14, 2018



    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    This will be the last weekly letter of this academic year.  Report cards will be mailed this week.  The last day of school is Wednesday, May 16.  I would like to extend a heartfelt and sincere thank you to the teachers, Bugsy, Rita, maintenance, and support staff of the school.  Thank you also to Angel for distributing the letter each week.  There have been many challenges this year, but I am so grateful for your service to the students and community.  Thank you to Brent and Eric for their service to the students and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.  Thank you to the parents and community of Kaktovik for your continued support for the school and students.  I look forward to returning next year.  Ann and I will be spending the summer in Utah visiting family and recovering from surgery.  We will return to the village in late July.  The first day of school will be Wednesday, August 15. 

    The annual field day will be held on May 15.  The events will last all day and there will be a field day awards ceremony in the morning on May 16.  The student council has come up with a number of events and I believe everyone will have a wonderful time.  Please feel free to come and watch during the day on May 15 and/or for the awards ceremony on May 16.  Seniors are invited to come back and participate in the field day.  

    Swimming is over for this academic year, however there will be Girl Scouts this Monday and the final Community Craft Night will be held on Wednesday.   Summer night rec will be hosted by the city of Kaktovik.  If you have any questions, please refer them to the city offices.  If you have any questions about school usage over the summer, please feel free to contact Leroy.

    Congratulations to Bradley Brower, Kalea Kaleak-Rexford and Edwin Solomon who were all identified as distinguished HKS students at last week’s school board meeting.  Congratulations also to Katie Strand for being the Distinguished Staff Member for the 2017-18 academic year.  Finally, I would like to extend a thank you and congratulations to Carla Sims Kayotuk for being honored as this year’s Distinguished Volunteer. 

    I wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer vacation.  As always, please feel free to stop by the school if you have questions, concerns, or simply to see what’s going on.


    Todd Washburn, Principal

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  • Harold Kaveolook School Pledge
    We, Kaktovikmiut, contribute to the greater good of self, family, community & culture through independence, cooperation, and responsibility.
    Harold Kaveolook School Values


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