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School Hours

  • School begins each day at 9:00 AM
    Dismissal is at 3:30 PM

    Early Release on Wednesday is 2:30 PM
    High School early release is 2:40 PM

Night Rec Polar Bear Policy

  • PolarBear

    • Due to the increased bear activity, Harold Kaveolook School has implemented the following night rec procedures:
    • All students must either have a ride to and from nigh rec or be escorted by an adult to ensure their safety.
    • Contact numbers for the individuals providing the rides or walking with students need to be given to the school in case we need to contact them.
    • Students without completed permission slips will not be allowed to attend night rec until the proper arrangements have been made.
    • Students who show up to night rec without a completed permission slip will be driven home by the police officer until a permission slip has been turned in.
    • Permission slips have been sent home with each student.  Additional permission slips are available at the school or with Roberta at night rec.

Weekly Newsletters

  • February 12, 2018



    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    There will not be school on Thursday or Friday of this week due to a district-wide teacher in-service.  I would like to wish the students a safe and relaxing four-day weekend.  There will be school on Friday, March 9 to make up the snow day that we took in November.

    Mark your calendars: This Saturday, February 17, the School Advisory Council, Student Council, and Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council will be teaming up to host a night of fun from 6-9!  There will be a Valentine’s Dance in the new gym, games in the old gym, an adult Snerts competition, board games, and a movie. The Student Council will be selling Papa Murphey’s pizza slices for $5.00. The academic calendar for next year will be available for you to look at and cast your vote, and principal and teacher appraisal forms will be available.  There will be three drawings for $25.00 gift certificates.  Everyone who casts a vote on next year’s calendar will be entered in one drawing.  There will be an additional drawing for any adult who completes a principal appraisal form.  Finally, any community member that completes a teacher appraisal form will be entered to win the third gift certificate. If your student has multiple teachers, you can fill one out for each and get additional chances to win.  We value your input and feedback and look forward to providing this opportunity to hear your voice.

    Culture Camp Update: As we get closer to spring, I want to share with you the preparations that have gone into the upcoming culture camp.  I have been working closely with a number of community members while planning this and I am so thankful for their guidance and direction.  It has been decided that the spring culture camp will camp at Second Fish Hole.  It will be about 5 days long, probably 2 days for travel and 3 full days there. We don’t have specific dates because we are going to have to watch the weather and see when it looks good, but we are hoping to go around the middle to end of March. The school has purchased 2 additional snow machines and the gear for about 15 students and several chaperones.  While this is being planned through the school, it is seen as a community event and I would like to ask anyone interested in going on this camping trip to get in touch with me.  We would love for families to attend so more kids can go.  There are still lots of plans that need to be made, but it would be great if we could get an idea of which students will be traveling with family.  That way, we can work on figuring out how to choose which of the remaining students should go with the school.  For those students that do not attend, there will be regular school.  We will also need lots of help to get all the gear transported up to 2nd.  I will be directly contacting those that have already shown an interest in participating.  Please come talk with me at any time if you have questions or would like more detailed information.  We will be having some meetings in the next month to finalize some of the plans and details.    

    The Girls Basketball team returned on Sunday from their journey to Utqiagvik and the boys returned Saturday from their road trip to Fairbanks.  Both teams played well and we are proud of them.  Neither of the teams travel this week, but  Nicholas Gordon, Dorthy Sittichinli, and Melanie Tikluk will be traveling to Honolulu, Hawaii to participate in the Close-Up Asia Pacific Program.  This trip is through the MYAC program and our students will be traveling with other MYAC students from around the district.  Close-Up is a wonderful program and I am so happy that this opportunity is available to the students of the North Slope.

    Bradley Brower is currently in Juneau at the Legislative Fly-In.  He is traveling with the superintendent and many other students from the district.  They have been meeting with legislators and working to have the voice of the North Slope heard in regards to education.  Thank you to Bradley for representing your school and to Chelsea Brower for chaperoning the trip.

    In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Student Council will be hosting a formal day on Wednesday, February 14.  

    Several high school students are piloting a distance-education music class this semester.  Their teacher, Emmanuel Samuelu, delivers instruction over the video conferencing equipment from Utqiagvik.  He has arrived in person to deliver instruction this week.  We are very excited about this class and the opportunities that distance education can open up for our students.  We are so glad he is here and wish him a wonderful week.

    Don’t forget that the 7th and 8th grade Battle of the Books team will be competing in the state competition on February 27. 

    The Middle School Lego Robotics club has been offered for several years.  They had a wonderful season this year and won Grand Champions at the Regional competition.  I am so excited to announce that the district has added an elementary and high school robotics opportunity.  These groups will begin meeting soon.  Michelle Amundson is coaching the elementary team and Kathi Lamar is coaching the high school team.

    The Middle School Basketball season has officially ended, but Coach Shane says that they will continue to practice occasionally. The Little Dribblers practice each Wednesday from 3:30-4:40.

    Marie is working with Scholastic to plan another Book Fair.  It will be in the library the end of March or beginning of April.                                               

    As always, please feel free to stop by the school if you have questions, concerns, or simply to see what’s going on.


    Todd Washburn, Principal

Welcome to Harold Kaveolook School!

  • Harold Kaveolook School Pledge
    We, Kaktovikmuits, contribute to the greater good of self, family, community & culture through independence, cooperation, and responsibility.
    Harold Kaveolook School Values


iDida Contest District Winners

  • Nipaa Ilitqusipta

    by Melanie Tikluk Length: 2:35

    Melanie Tikluk won 1st place in the 9-12 grade podcast category.  She wrote this podcast to present ideas on how the Inupiaq youth can help revitalize their language.

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  • Fighting Our Loss

    by Jonas Mackenzie Length: 2:03

    Jonas Mackenzie won 2nd place in the 9-12 grade podcast category.  This is in response to learning that many young Iñupiaq individuals are not fluent in their language.

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  • The Voice of Our Spirit

    by Charles Brower Length: 2:30

    Charles Brower won 1st place in the 6-8 grade podcast category for this piece in which he offers hope and ideas on how to revitalize the Iñupiaq culture and language.

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