• Marissa Hi, my name is Ms. Marissa Garcia de Leon, and I am the school counselor. I enjoy reading and spending time with my dog, Sofy.

    I will visit with students of all grade levels in the classroom and help them grow socially, emotionally, and academically through classroom lessons, which I call Mindset Lessons. We will explore how to manage emotions, how to use different study skills, how to interact with Sofy, Marissaʻs Dog others, how to express thoughts and emotions in a healthy manner, and how to become resilient and strong. We will also explore different career and college options and set goals for the future in these lessons. I look forward to including the Inupiat values and culture as I learn more about the Inupiat culture and traditions in order to make it more relevant and meaningful to the students.

    I also welcome any student to come and talk to me privately during drop-in office hours in my room at the back of the library, where I will listen and help brainstorm different solutions to problems, thoughts, or situations. My goal is to help, to be there for students, and to help students learn and grow.

    My drop-in office hours are:

    Monday from 10-11am

    Tuesday and Thursday from 12-1:30pm

    Wednesday and Friday from 9-11am.

    Students are also welcome to make an appointment with me individually and can talk to me to make an appointment. Students can also email me at Marissa.GarciadeLeon@nsbsd.org to schedule an appointment or ask questions. Parents and family members, please feel free to email me at this email address as well or to call me at the school (907) 661-3226.

    I also tutor on Wednesdays from 4-5pm.