Teaching Remotely

Teaching Remotely
Posted on 04/02/2020
Qargi Blanket

We want to thank everyone for their efforts in supporting the education of our children. Beginning last week, packets of assignments were handed out as well as delivery of instruction through phones, internet, and other delivery systems.

We are pleased with the support that all stakeholders have provided. The extra broadband support from GCI and ASTAC is needed and appreciated. In addition, we received a generous donation from Stuaqpak with cases of to-go containers. As always, the support and cooperation from the North Slope Borough and the NSBSD board of education happens in so many ways and we are truly grateful.

Teachers are continuing to provide support to students. A few of our teachers have children in other parts of the United States and some have family members that need care in this very challenging time. In an effort to continue educating our students, we have provided teachers an opportunity to continue their jobs while working remotely. You probably won’t even know the difference as you will still hear your teacher’s voice, still see them online, and they will still be grading your packages and assignments. There will be a few teachers that will teach remotely, but most of our teachers will continue to be physically present on the North Slope.