Fall August 2021

January 2021 

Hello to All,

Happy New Year!
The 2021 school year continues with the level of Red, or High Risk, which we have been on since earlier in the school year.  The level requires the students to have virtual learning.  It is a challenge for many not to be in the classroom, yet, we can be thankful that our students still  have the freedom and  the opportunity to do learning at home.  Also, because of freedom, we, as a district, are able to teach and help students learn and take care of themselves, and in turn, they can help others also to take care of themselves.

When the parents or guardians adjust their home/work schedules, and have a consistent organized time for learning time with each child, there can be focused productive learning.  Establishing and maintaining a day routine provides a sense of control, calmness, and well-being.  Starting school at the same time every day and getting a full nights sleep really helps the child to have a healthy attitude, and focused learning.

Practicing good health habits helps keep everyone healthy, epecially during this COVID-19 pandemic season. The Center for disease control continues to encourage the follows ways to help keep us healthy:  *Wash your hands hoften with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. *Wear a mask as required and necessary in public and around people who may be sick in your household. *Avoid close contact with those in the home who are ill, and others who are in the public. *Practice social distancing of 6 feet from others.

Other encouragement from school health is to keep your child's immunizations updated.  Bring your child to the Wellness Center for their check up, (852-0270).  In the villages, take them to the village clinic, and meet with the Public Health Nurse, as they do have a schedule time to go to their assigned village.

Children want to be heard.  Each one of them is very important, and sometimes even when they don't show it, want to be taken care of well, listened to, encouraged, and hear positive comments from their parents.  

It is a more challenging time now, with having to stay indoors much of the time, and being at home most of the time.  Yet, we are a RESELIENT community and parents and children have lots of RESELIENCE in them.  When stress occurs and increases, staying calm, taking a deep breath moment, refocusing and reconnecting at that moment, will help you as a parent and help your child to bring fresh focus and a refreshed insight that helps to rebuild the relationship and communication.

To the parents and guardians again, remind your child in words an action how much you love them, and how much you are there for them.  This kind of communication never gets old!  It shines!

There are families who  worship and pray together in this community.  This will strengthen the circle of the unconditional love that only God can bring and give to us all.

Thank you all,

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